Employer Guide


Signing Up with Servilance

To sign up on Servilance and create your profile:

1. Click on theSign up and Continue at the top of the Servilance.com website.

2. In sign up to create your Contractor account is to select the membership level.

Congratulations, you have now joined the Servilance in online work! Next you will want to setup and customize your online profile. To finish customizing your profile please follow these steps:

1. Go to the left navigation bar of Servilance and click on My Profile.

2. Complete your basic information.

3. Then its time to get the profile started. On the next page you will upload your thumbnail photo, create a tagline, enter in a minimum hourly rate, create a contractor overview and enter in your skills.

Here is what your completed profile will look like.


Post a Job

To post jobs on Detect&Go.com, click the Project button in the upper left corner of the home page.

1. Select PostProject option from the drop down menu

2. First you will need to fill in your account details. Please fill out  fields marked * ,they are mandatory, if you have any questions along the way look for the tip that will appear to the right of each box for additional information.Click here to view post a job http://demo.publicspace.in/servilance/postjob.html

3. Next you will be prompted to create your job post and then click continue. Remember to be as detailed and specific as you can.

4. Enter a title for your job.

5. Enter a job description. Be as detailed as possible, including specific information about the work needed, the size of the job, estimated start and completion dates, and some background on your company. You also have access to a number of job description templates by using our Description Assistant. If you select a template and you no longer want to use it, you can remove the template to revert back to your original text and selections by choosing the undo button.

6. You may attach up to 10 files (maximum size 50 MB per attachment) that help clarify the job requirements and enable contractors to prepare more thorough, relevant proposals.

Please use discretion when including private information such as your web address or name.

7. Select a Fixed price or Hourly job. Fixed price jobs are best when you have well-defined scope and structure for the work. If the job scope is less certain and you would like to work with your contractor on a more flexible basis, then choose the hourly option. Hourly jobs are Work View enabled. Work View is a safe and efficient way to pay for hourly work online. You will also be asked to select your budget. You will have the option to choose from a set of predefined budget ranges or you can create your own custom range.

8. Select the category and subcategory that best describe your job and the skill set you would like your contractor to have.

When you post a job in a subcategory, it will be viewed by all contractors in the main category.

9. You may select up to 5 relevant skills you would like your contractor to have or groups that you would like your contractor to have joined. When you select skills, your job will be tagged with the associated keywords, making it more visible to qualified contractors when they are searching our job database.




Browsing Contractors

Optionally, you can solicit bids from contractors by browsing their profiles and requesting proposals for your job. Note: It is not required that you request proposals from  contractors; you can also post a job for open bidding as outlined in the previous section.

 To browse contractor profiles:

1. On the home page, select the Hire in the top navigation bar and then click Search Contractors.  You can enter a keyword (EX: iPhone, PHP) and click the Search button to narrow your search results.

2. You can filter the search results using the options in the left navigation. Sort by clicking on the dropdown to the right of Sort by: at the top of the page.




Requesting Proposals from Servilance Contractors

You can easily send requests to Detect&Go.com contractors to submit proposals for your job, either from search results or from their individual profiles.




Requesting contractor proposals from search results: You can invite a contractor by clicking on the Red Invite button. If you already have active postings, you will see a window listing all of your jobs that are open for bidding. You can either choose an existing job or create a new one. Each selected service contractor will receive an email invitation to submit their proposal for your job.